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To explore and to know more about Democratic Republic of Congo,former zaïre history, A country with more than Two millions kilometers square, it has many potentials such fauna and flora, mineral resources, lakes, rivers especially Congo River which is the largest in Africa from the Eastern part lake to the Atlantic ocean.
Congo is full of potentials with it’s soil that can feed the third fourths of the entire planet according to United Nations report, with a reserve of billions of minerals.
Congo is still facing armed group conflicts, social crisis, in the Eastern part since 1997.
All these trouble is due to its potentials envied by neighbors and some other countries.
Over 10 years since 2013, Congo reporters media and news agency found by a Congolese jouranlist Guylain Balume Muhindo who experienced the whole country to explore marvelous nature and culture also the beginning of the chaos during his childhood in 1997 where he lost some of his family members killed by rebels AFDL.

We are happy to share with you congolese social,cultural, political,climate change, positive story about the Heart of Africa country.
We offer services such as production equipment, visa process, filming permit facilitation, security, safety equipment, transport etc.

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In case of fixing in our customers’ different projects about the Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Reporters facilitates for contacts, fixing, translating and video productions to any worldwide projects. 


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Congo Reporters' founder, Freelancer Journalist, fixer and Filmmaker in Great lakes area

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